Mission Statement

To provide quality service to those in need of biomechanical support through foot appliances such as foot orthoses, footwear and their modifications as well as splint/bracing upon the feet. “We put ourselves in your shoes” is the saying that means we work with individual’s circumstances to provide them with the best service in a fair and ethical manner.

Sole Decisions was founded by Julie Munday. Julie is a Kinesiologist and Pedorthist. She graduated from University of Waterloo in 1987 with a BSc (Kin) degree. She attained her Certified Pedorthist Canada, (C Ped (C)) certification from the Pedorthic Association of Canada (PAC) in the Spring of 1992. She now has over 30 years experience in the pedorthic field.

Julie has been a member in good standing with the College of Pedorthics of Canada (CPC) since its inception in 2002. One of its goals is to protect the public by enforcing its “Code of Ethics”.

To maintain her certification eligibility she has attended most of the yearly PAC symposiums and attended other related seminars and symposiums to acquire educational points and increase her knowledge. Julie also was an associate professor at UWO in their “Kinesiology Program” assisting for 3 terms onsite at a pedorthic facility and once through the university’s continuing education program helping to teach students. She has assisted with “marking” essays for the new UWO pedorthic program and with “practical” and “written” PAC examinations.

She looked into starting her own business, after gaining knowledge in the running of different types of facilities and manufacturing techniques and with the love of a challenge, working with her hands and the joy of helping others. She created Sole Decisions to reduce pain, instability or other complaints associated with lower limb problems or weight-bearing activities to those in need in the London and surrounding areas by providing footcare service through foot devices such as custom foot orthoses and orthopaedic footwear.


The lab is located at the retail location in Sarnia but I will still see people in a mobile capacity when required for clients in their homes or work places to do evaluations, casting and fittings.

I am also located in Stratford at Flex Physiotherapy, 221 Oak St., Stratford, Ontario 888-971-6345

On-Site Lab:

Our in-town lab, ran by the owner, manufactures and modifies custom orthotics offering convenience and quality control. Essentially no middle-man, which helps to reduce delivery time and quality problems.

Waiting times for appointments are normally within 1 week and I only need about 1-2 hours of the client’s time. We perform a thorough clinical and bio-mechanical assessment, and make recommendations on treatment for your foot-related problems. With a doctor’s referral note we can make customized orthotics, or suggest over-the counter products which you could benefit from.

Fittings can be in under 1 week unless special orders are required.

Give us a call at 888.971.6345 and we’ll start you on the road to recovery as soon as possible!


Prices are competive and available upon request.
There are no taxes with a prescription.